Do you know hikakin? really!? You don't know the youtube site!?

my name is kurochan.

Do you know hikakin?

I have already known hikakin.

If you don't know hikakin, please you are watching hikakin in youtube.


The Youtube isn't knows by you?

no way...

The Youtube is the most popular in internet video sites.

Do you know Google?

Yes, I do.

Youtube was made by google.

google has a large amount of money.

I have tubatubatuba.


Hikakin is a bad person because he won't give me any money.

I am having a hard time, but Hickakin won't give me any money.

I'm trying my best but the chickadee is mean to me.

Maybe society doesn't like me.

Help me...(^o^)


Hikakin is god, but Hikakin won't give me a large amount of money.
hey! hikakiin! help us!

I my me mine you your you yours he his him his she her her hers we our us ours

It's so----------- friday friday chine town.


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