chat application trouble number 1.

hi. nice to meet you.

I like programming.

Oh! hi. What you are name?

I am kurochan.

Oh! it is good name.

Why did you join this server?

I found this server by chance.

Oh! Thank you.

Do you know who made this server.

..... I don't know.

It is me.

Really!? That's amazing!

I love you! Thank you!

Do you know hikakin youtuber?


No, I don't know it.

Really? I am angry


Because You don't know hikakin youtuber.

a.a.a.a.a.a.a. sorry. ... I'm Sorry...

other anything?


A? A? A?

so ....sorry....
Have you known the youtubers who play games ?

Yes! It is gats...

Oh....... You should have said it hikakin youtuber.

I am angry.

Do you believe in Hikakin youtuber?

A? Yes! I believe in Hikakin youtuber!!!

Oh! that is amazing!





The brazilian brother would be cool, the goodness of the beef sent to them, would make their skin dirty


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