Titlte: I tell you about my hobbies .


I am going to introduce about my hobbies from now.

I am may be programmer .

I want to be a programmer which makes popular games, so I am making games by unity.
I am making a webservice at that same time.

It is more difficult to make a webservice than to make a game.
I draw a lot of pictures.
I've drawn a long time ago, but I am a man which draw more many pictures now.


I want to be a man which draws wonderful pictures someday.

I play shogi.
Playing shogi is very happy for me!
I was playing shogi before,
but, I don't play shogi recentry.
Shogi is one of important culture of japan.
I think that shogi get bored for me at once.
Acutually, I got bored in about a year, because shogi is very difficult to win.
I can't talk about my hobbies any more.


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