Subject: What kind of web services did you make?

I'm KuroonRails.

I like programming ,so I do programming everyday.

I will be may be a programmer.

Even if I'm a programmer, I don't give up forgetting to think that I'm one of beginner programmers.

I'm afraid of me, because I can't understand that I will be what a kind of a person.

By the way, What do you think about my story?

I'm tired that this story.

Let's change of story.


I tell you next story about kind of my web services.

There are a lot of my services which are seen by few people.

I don't know why my service is seen by few people.
My service's url isn't own domain.

I am sad, but I think that I mustn't cry!!

I said to myself that I don't give up opening my services!


well, I can't tell you about my story more.

See you again.


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